10 Times Deepika Padukone Proved That She Looks Good In Almost Anything!

Deepika Padukone is a style maverick – she has not only revolutionized the way people look at jewellery (re: long falling baubles at all times); the way people look at denims (re: coords, overalls, ripped); look at colours (re: everything from black to white to neon)! Deepika Padukone has the innate ability to put her most stylish foot forward even if she is in a grimace suit. And we have proof of that!

Check out 10 times she wore completely opposing styles, and carried all of them with immense aplomb!

1. Light Hues

Whether it is a monotone light brown, minimal jumpsuit – or it is winter perfect pastel hues, Deepika Padukone dons the less-is-more ideology when it concerns colours quite well. With accessories that don’t overwhelm, and hairstyle that is very low-maintenance, she carries off the entire light hue ensemble with maximum satisfaction!

2. Sequins

Aside from the fact that she wore yellow everything, adorned with sequins itself is quite the feat to achieve. We mean, talk about an odd combination! But the column silhouette of the kurta, the sheen of the yellow – and the pointed stilettos is a winning ensemble! Her love for sequins, though, couldn’t be better placed and explained than in the dark blue sequinned sari- elegant and sexy, this is quite the fashion coup! Especially with the slick black hair!

3. Eclectic Saris

Speaking of saris, a paint splatter kaleidoscopic sari with an oomph-alicious blouse, or a yellow (yep) one with kitschy trimmings are just the kind of saris Deepika Padukone keeps in her arsenal. These aren’t your usual saris, they are saris that are art pieces you drape – and trust us the result is truly a masterpiece!

4. Fiery Hues

Whether it is red, or coral, or orange – the fire hues Deepika Padukone sports are all different silhouettes, different genres, different accessorizing – but they all come together in the most sexy way. Whether it is a high-fashion coat-dress, A-line cut or a body-con, Deepika Padukone knows exactly how to wear these fiery hues!

5. Kimonos

Whether it is kimonos, or duster jackets, or floaty overlays- these clothing articles are extremely versatile and wise, so when Deepika Padukone teaches us how to monochromatize them whether with a skirt or pants, belts, or organic cinching – you notice! Plus, the minute detailing of the accessories that oscillate between long danglers, and blocked studs is something truly sartorially genius!

It is truly a wonder how Deepika Padukone can make a paint splatter sari, a printed kimono, a low profiled jumpsuit, and a low back body-con dress work with the same brilliance!



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