Hat Etiquette Is For Everyone: Your Guide To All The Trendy Hats This Year

When a bad hair day is upon you, wearing a hat is way easier than styling your hair. These stylish toppers scream ‘LOOK AT ME’! Hats and caps are a great addition to your wardrobe either way.


If you’re a hat person you already have a beanie in your closet, but if you’re noob venturing into the fashion territory of hats, you HAVE TO invest in a beanie. Guys look 10x more attractive in a hat, that is a given. (Girls, you too!) How to style a beanie? Know you can piece an entire look together with a beanie, it is an uber snazzy addition to any of your outfits.


A beret will instantly up your style quotient; a beret will effortlessly turn your whole ‘look’ around making you look ultra-chic! Give your outfit an upgrade in a twinkling by pairing your beanie with a plain white tee, a jean jacket and your favourite denim bottoms – YOU’RE READY TO TAKE ON THE WORLD without looking like a lost french tourist on the streets!

Baseball Cap

Make sure it fits the snug of your head perfectly and you can never go wrong with styling a baseball cap. Men and women, listen up… the best way to top off your street style is with a baseball cap. Rock your athleisure with a stylish hat head.

Sun Hat 

All the fashionistas need to know that sun hats have taken over sun glasses as the ultimate summer accessory. Whether it is a beach vacay you’re heading out on or simply a day out in the sun, put on a sun hat to make the ultimate fashion statement this year! Don’t worry about looking like a twit in a floppy over-sized sun hat, just jump in in a romper, slip on in your flip flops and what? Head out!!

Newsboy Cap

Headgears aren’t just for casual days if you know how to style them right. You can up your formal fashion game and stun everyone at your 9-5 just like this! Watch others rotate their heads and necks as you walk past them looking like an absolute headturner.



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