Indian Fashion Graduate Designs Latex Trousers That Are Inflatable!

Look toward Harikrishnan, whose inflatable latex trousers with “anatomically impossible” proportions are trending on the internet. 

For his graduate collection at the London College of Fashion, the menswear designer matched cropped tailored jackets with latex trousers to create thematic silhouettes.

This look is achieved by pumping the trousers with air via a seven millimetre-wide inflation valve at the bottom.

“I got the idea when I was playing with my dog and I started thinking about how exaggerated objects must look from such a low angle,” explained the designer, who goes by the single name Harikrishnan, to a leading magazine.

“The thought of him seeing me as a giant figure or not seeing my head at all was intriguing, so I decided to reimagine the people around me through the game of distortion – detached from the stereotypical, pre-determined notions of the human perspective.”

“My cutting method was adopted from morphing, a technique used by people like [French photographer] Jean-Paul Goude, in which you distort images by assembling fragments of the same subject taken from different perspectives,” Harikrishnan further shared.

To create the pieces, Harikrishnan lived in an artisan community in Channapatna, India, for a month, learning from and working with woodturning and lacquerwork craftsmen.

“The final 3D shape of the trousers was visualised in a mini clay model and sliced into fragments. These were then graded and cut in latex, stuck together in various angles with high contouring to create these anatomically impossible forms.”

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