Jacqueline Fernandez’s Recent Outfit Is Making Us Uneasy

We love intrigue in fashion, we love the little nuances that completely make an ensemble from drab to fab – whether it is a slogan or a cut or a colour; however when one tries to mix all of that together flanked by feathers, the detailing can also break an outfit. Exhibit: Jacqueline Fernandez. Now, why don’t we enlist some of the burning questions we have pertaining this look:

-Why is a blue dress embossed with red and black slogan?

-What does the slogan even mean? She is in rehabilitation for social media addicts? Or she is a rehab for social media addicts? Or she wants you to stage an intervention because clearly she is a social media addict?

-Why oh why is she alternating sheer organza (???) with a faux denim bustier that has feathers?

-Lastly, why is wearing beige sandals with the whackadoodle outfit? Is it to balance the aforementioned whackadoodleness, because that ship has sailed!


Of course, because its her she somehow makes this mess look bearable, however, we would really urge you to not try this at home!

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