While No One Was Looking, Mindy Kaling Was Winning At Fashion!

Mindy Kaling is truly a force of absolute surreal but relatable nature. She is spunky, she is the right amount nerdy, she is oompha-licious, she has really good sense of style, her best friend B.J. Novak is basically her soulmate, and we haven’t even gotten down to her talent in these three lines! A writer, director, actor, creator – par excellence, she is more than just someone who gives us quick quips and laughs, she gives us confidence to be proud in our skin, proud of our zany selves, and mostly she teaches all of us how badass we truly can be.

But the newly appointed writer for Legally Blonde 3, is also quite the fashionista, and she holds no qualms in being smart, successful and utterly fashionable. Feminism and femininity never ran so close together! So, naturally, in quarantine, Kaling is busting out looks that are sexy, girly, sensible, comfortable, and uniquely individual!

Here are our favourites, so far – because knowing her this list would get updated super soon!

1. Pyjamas that double up as couture, is literally the fashion statement any and all of us are wishing for right now. 

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When pajamas become “outdoor clothes”.

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2. Or well pyjamas with a cuffed crisp shirt and a sweater vest which is so business on top and comfy otherwise, we can’t even!

3. But if not in PJs, Mindy Kaling is knocking it outta the park in this sunset hoodie and jeans, and that’s just for cleaning the bathroom! 

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When quarantined, clean the bathroom.

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4. But, she is also comfy chic, so don’t mind her in this pastel printed short kaftan

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The Easter bunny does the quarantine 🐰

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5. And, especially don’t mind her in this deep necked, hot pink outfit which is sexy, structured, and so wonderfully feminine! 

6. Speaking of, this girl y’all, truly knows how to mix feminine patterns together without it looking a little too much. Also. Those. Shoes. 

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Dressing up for the friends I’m FaceTiming today

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7. Any idea if all her skirts are statement pieces, because this colourblocked accordion pleat joy is a beauty to behold! 

8. But of course, because its her, and she is self-aware and a little too good with the wit, she is also trying out Halloween costumes that are totally DIY and totally legendary! 

9. So, we see you Ms. Mindy Kaling, we see you and we see your lavender Yoga mat and your candy coloured workout gear, and how is everything so cute, and so quarantine perfect?

Teach. Us. Your. Ways.

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