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Move Over Nick, PeeCee’s Stylist Mimi Cuttrell Is The Real MVP

Priyanka Chopra, as bemused by everyone, is currently living her best life. A career that is literally touching the skies, a boo who is devoted, a family supportive, and a wardrobe that makes us very green with envy. To be honest, Priyanka Chopra stepped onto the game of this very best life not suddenly, it was a gradual leap – it was full of changing silhouettes, and colours, and patterns. It was bringing out a different PeeCee onto the forefront, this time she was glamorous and smart with her structured cuts and bold colours. Nothing clung, nothing was poofy, nothing was stereotypical. Mimi Cuttrell, her newish stylist, took Chopra for what she represented: fierceness, smartness, and effortless! We mean hello, her looks at the Royal Wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry – that fascinator, the Christian Dior gown, the lavender! We were gobsmacked!

With a plethora of new-age cuts mixed with traditional patterns like floral – we all saw a renaissance Chopra, sartorially! There were the unexplored mustards, the sprinkling of sequins, the knotted tops, the wrap dresses, the broad trousers, and the jumpsuits. Truth be told, Mimi Cuttrell is the real MVP in this story, and these following pictures are total proofs of that!

1. We mean, hello Head-to-Toe Chanel

2. Aladdin called, he wants to know how she managed to work these harem pants

3. Retro from the bottom, crazy NYE vibes on top!

4. Can we be told how something so simple can look so hot?!

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5. Patterns, patterns everywhere – not a dull moment in sight!

6. We call this match your top to your shoes, so you are a certified fashionista!

7. We admit that it was tough paying attention to the Royal Wedding with this in the vicinity!

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details. @priyankachopra

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8. There is androgyny, then there is this.

9. What’s more coveted? Her gaze or that mini Dior bag?

10. Imagine the confidence to saunter about in this number without the fear of something dropping all over!

11. Um, in the history of peekaboos this is the most subtle ever!

12. Speaking of delicious cuts, and the colour purple!

13. Nothing says dainty and sexy like a well structured floral dress!

14. We mean if someone could work the colour brown this well, it’d be only Priyanka Chopra!

15. For stuttering along the streets in style, this is our favourite look!

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