9 Bags Every Twenty-Something Girl Must Have In Her Closet

Trust us, you need to start saving up to acquire all these!

Bags and shoes are sometimes even more important to womenfolk than clothes itself. You can always change your fashion go-to style, be a bit boho, be a bit feminine, be a bit comfortable, be a bit businesslike – but the kind of bags you don stay on forever like a signature style. Maybe you are a messenger girl who is mindlessly running across town finishing errands after errands and has no patience to be concerned too much about your bag – or maybe you are the trend follower carrying the faux croc skin bag during the night and a satchel during the day time! Whoever you are, and whoever you aspire to be these bags are super important for your fashion arsenal! So make a note! 

1. The Bucket Bag

You can carry all that you want, and the shape is super stylish. Comfort  + fashUn.

2. Summer Bag

Because this wicker / straw bag will make you feel closer to the beach even if you are in the middle of a frostbiting winter.

3. Fannypack

There is style, and then there is STYLE. This is an accessory staple that lets you cinch and clinch the deal at the same time!

4. Quirky Bag

Because who are you if you don’t have endearing little quirks that the normal folks don’t get?!

5. Potli Bag

This has got to be a very important accessory that takes care of all your wedding and festivals’ needs!

6. Backpack

A little tomboy, a little cutesy, and very practical! Hop skip to town with a backpack that won’t let you down!

7. Tote Bag

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You can literally dump a small person in here, and they will fit in with all your cosmetics and gadgets and usables!

8. It Bag

Chain strap, faux animal skin, pastel to muted colours, the It Bag is usually too small for practicality but too important for survival!

9. The Lady Bag

This can be borrowed from your mother or your sister or your grandmother, and this is usually too precious and too pretty, and this is something you deserve for being a responsible adult!

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