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All The Glitz & Glam At The GeoSpa GlobalSpa Awards!

The first edition of GeoSpa GlobalSpa Awards turned out to be a sensational event. Marking their grand entry in the luxury lifestyle and wellness space, the ‘GeoSpa GlobalSpa Awards’ honoured those who stand apart in the booming global wellness industry

From 1960 To 2019, A Trend That’s Only ‘Flaring’

Ever since the advent of Hindi cinema in the 1930’s, Bollywood and fashion have been a joint force. The ’70s were nothing less than glorious, Bollywood ladies jived on the screen in bell-bottoms, big sunglasses and thick, exaggerated feline eyes! 

Ways To Make Unicorn Fashion Less Weird, More Wow

Internet’s meme-worthy fashion is also its favourite. The unicorn revolution started quiet but picked a rage all of a sudden. Our love for rainbow barfing unicorns escalated quickly from a Snapchat filter to all things fashion!  Colour your hair ‘unicorn’

5 Hairstyles That Will Turn Up The Heat This Summer

Are you wondering what to do with your hair? When no guide-books or blogs work to declare a verdict, celebrity style takes a stand. Scroll through!  1) Priyanka Chopra’s short tresses  This season may have tired to persuade you time

7 Summer Shoes That Every Man Must Own

Summer calls for open interpretation of fashion, where less is more. And shoes? They’re championed for relaxed ease allowing your feet to breathe. Light, easy and fresh is all what we are looking for. So, all the men out there,

7 Stunning Ways To Wear Satin This Summer And Not Sweat

Satin and summer? A connection that may not instantly spring to mind. With temperatures soaring at an all time high, think about tiny bralettes that are perfect for layering, think fluid satin slit dresses. Put on a satin shirt over a