Fashion Trends

6 Kinds Of Wristwatches Everyone Must Invest In

There are only two kinds of people – those who swear by watches and those who don’t. Obviously, the former are cooler. A watch is a simple, functional and trustworthy companion far better than any smartphone or its other juvenile

Sonam Kapoor: Fashion World’s Darling Daredevil

Sonam Kapoor has always been the belle of the ball with her ultra-femme ensembles! Today, she walks with a tough warning – ‘Don’t let my sweet motifs and ballerina buns fool you, I am femme with a punch.’ Back in

Kanye West: The Musician Who Became A Fashion Force

The Chicago MC, the self-esteemed “slave to fashion” first set foot onto the rap ground back in 2002. Spanning his career of many albums, sharp with his own taste, KanyeWest was never like his fellow rappers. He would prance around in Ralph

‘Six Yards’: Quientessially Indian With A Modern Makeover 

Six yards of fabric. Six yards of elegance. Six yards of feminity. Six yards of culture. Six yards of tradition. Six yards of power.  Recognized globally as the country’s national attire, the sari brings into spotlight our oneness. Each region

Tulle, Capes, Kimonos: Cannes 2019 Was Red Carpet Renaissance

French superstar Marion Cotillard belted out boy shorts, crop top and a Balmain kimono that looked like a bohemian art piece; Giambattista Valli dropped a limited edition collaboration with high-street brand H&M in the middle of the festival, with Kendall

Here’s How You Can Wear Black All Summer

I often let out a sigh looking at the pile of my seemingly identical looking black pants. And when anyone asks me for fashion advice, I render forthwith ‘wear something black’. Black is a perennially popular choice. And my clandestine

Cannes 2019: Sonam Kapoor Is A Sartorial Vanguard

 “It’s not about the dress you wear, but it’s about the life you lead in the dress.”  Diana Vreeland Sonam Kapoor embodies elegance in a unique way. She never restricts herself, puts out her most unassuming self ahead, and every little

Cannes 2019: Aishwarya Rai Does The Expected & Plays It Safe

Aishwarya Rai has been gracing the Cannes red carpet for years now. While her garbs keep getting better than before, there’s one thing that does not change at all. Aishwarya Rai hardly ever disappoints fashion lovers, but what the star