Move Over All The Acting Chops, Rami Malek Is Your New Fashion Guru

Elliot’s hacker hoodie, brave coloured slick suits, textured fabrics. Rami Malek can pull anything off! And if you’ve been following this dapper dandy around, you already know his personal style involves mixing well tailored formals with luxe basics.

Wave lazy boy items a goodbye, if you want to interpret Rami’s fashion aesthetic. Save your jeans and tracks for a rainy day.

The reserved Rami played a flashy Freddie in Bohemian Rhapsody. Could it be that the character rubbed off on Malek’s sartorial choices? We think yes! Rami’s personal style has grown in confidence.

Rami Malek sat front row in style at a fashion show in Paris. Casual vibes of the ’80s elegantly elevate Rami’s formals for the evening. This look is both eccentric and clean.

Rami is continuously upping the ante!


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