Safety Pins, The Most Underrated Yet The Most Iconic Fashion Accessory

Oh the humble safety pin! An affection born of utility, fashion swears by their functionality. They have so much power! So much use! 

These shiny little guys, these pins can help you zip up your thigh-highs, and hold a scarf in place, they’ll replace your broken buttons. They’ll do almost everything for you.

Tickling the adventurous side of fashion, the pin fibula pricks the imagination of our fashion luminaries and comes flowing the most liberating, most stimulating art! Who knew something as tiny as that could make the most impressively dramatic impact?

Jean Paul Gaultier used over-sized safety pins as uncustomary cessation for jackets and waistcoats in place of buttons or zips on runway pieces during the early 1990s. In true J.P.G style, fashion designed to provoke standards, the safety pins both revealed and concealed the body. He sure does love to go against the flow.

Elizabeth Hurley’s Versace Dress, 1994

Actress Elizabeth Hurley shocked the public at the 1994 premiere of Four Weddings and a Funeral in a now-iconic Versace safety pin dress. The slim fitting black silk and lycra dress exposed her skin on both sides with over-sized gold safety pins! Versace’s Fall/Winter 19 show witnessed the reincarnation of the iconic safety pin, in premium gold finish and Medusa’s head of course.

Marc Jacobs A/W12

Marc Jacobs, A/W12, sent models down the runway in a chic collection of over-sized knits and comfy sweaters, scarves doubled up around models’ necks. What made an appearance on these scarves and sweaters was a monumental safety pin!

Viktor and Rolf for their S/S14 collection shaped a large safety pin earring that seemed to be piercing through the entire ear from top to bottom. The designers offered a fresh take on our conspicuous consumption of the much loved pins, and on the gesture of reverse snobbery by the punk movement. Safety-pins were so infatuated with, the designers played with the idea of school uniform reworked, with innovative pleating, studs and miniature safety pins on skirts and collars. Safety-pins were even re-imagined as rings and as zipper pulls on clutches!

So adroit, the versatile pin has grown in grace. From being a home essential to always lending a shoulder to every fashion emergency, these tiny little guys have given the fashion scene some of its most iconic moments that history remembers and the present praises!





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