Shivan And Narresh Bring Tribal Art To Our Wardrobe!

We’ve always seen Dravidian Gond Art on the walls of homes and streets in Central India- but who would’ve thought we could incorporate it into our fashion? Shivan and Narresh, in their “Koi” Series in the Spring Summer 2019 collection for the Lotus Make-Up India Fashion Week, did exactly this! To a brand that claims to be specifically holiday wear- Shivan and Narresh upped the game by using these unique prints in their designs. Decorative motifs, patterns, dots, dashes, lines, and circles were the highlight of the Koi tribes art which was brought out beautifully in the Shivan and Narresh collection.

Delicate organza, ruffles, and flowy fabrics in a variety of hues such as a “Neel” or a “Geru” looked kaleidoscopic- but still uniquely beautiful. The runway itself was done up with tribal artwork, tiny statuettes, and drapes sourced directly from Madhya Pradesh. The prints were a handful to choose from and an excellent variety to digest, and very new to Indian fashion. The new and exciting bags and belts also made for a statement on the runway- with the chunky accessories completing the look for the Koi series collection. Another special mention must be made for the clunky and funky footwear that the models donned at the show!

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