Basics To Street-Style: How To Wear Socks To Make A Fashion Statement

Socks. Poor socks. Sexy stalkings. Thigh high styles in lace and fishnet. Hosiery. So understated! Let’s wear bolder, better socks. 

The right pair can up your fashion game by several notches. The right pair can make your outfit look so much more ‘happening’ and who knew, socks could make us so happy. It’s about time we started looking at socks not just as gloves for the feet but an accessory that can transform even the most boring outfit.

Fishnets under ripped jeans is so 2018! You don’t a whole new wardrobe, just a bunch of socks! Check these out! 

The Foody Sock Pair 

Serve a delicious look on the streets – you can make a striking statement with the right pair of socks! Experiment, experiment!

Swerve-y Prints and Funky Polkas 

Let the socks sneak a peak through your ankle booties. Add instant glamour to a solid monotone dress! And avoid clashing patterns.

Men, aren’t you wearing socks like all the time? Colour pop in perfection. How you ask? Pick some flattering socks, contrast your socks for a more eye-catching look.

Sheer socks never went out of style

Zoom in on Kendall Jenner’s sheer socks adding fun to an ordinarily drab outfit. Cannes said no flats, they never said no socks and sandals!

Check out Hailey Baldwin! Wear whatever goes with your heels, don’t shy away from bright hues.

The unlikely return of the white sock

The classic white crew socks have long enjoyed a cult status, a fad among the schoolgirls, a trend of the 80s, these are making a comeback in a huge way. Moreover, white is an easy way out when you’re confused or just match your socks with your pants and get done!

That’s exactly how your socks drawer should look like. Thank you, Imran Khan!

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