Steal Celebrity Style Tips From Deepika Padukone, Sonam Kapoor And Other Bollywood Divas

Dear fashionistas, if you’re in a style dilemma bookmark our fashion archives. But if you look up to your favourite celebrities for some sage advice, just read through! 

If you’re confused about your personal preference, but want to know what’s in vogue according to Deepika Padukone, know that the lady would choose to rock a red lip over a nude pout. The actress finds it tough to choose between black high heels and red high heels. Whatever you choose to flaunt, remember to be unapologetic about it! Because that’s what the actress loves about dapper dandy Ranveer Singh.

And if, like every other woman in the world, you can’t find what to wear in your stuffed-with-so-many-options wardrobe, it is always a good idea to raid your partner’s! Because that’s what Deepika does. She’s borrowed a lot of Ranveer’s t-shirts and sweatshirts, while the actor wears her sunglasses.

You don’t need the perfect cupid’s bow or any of those lip fillers, all you need in life is a red lipstick! While others are on the tiresome lookout for that perfect nude, go for the radiant red. That’s what Sonam Kapoor does. She would go for a red lip over nude, any day and everyday!

The diva who finds men more attractive in the tuxedo than denims paired with a white shirt, says one shouldn’t shy away from some shiny bling. While she would unabashedly wear bling on her shoes as well as her dress, why don’t you try something daring for yourself too? Go experiment! Risk takers often turn out to be trailblazers! (Sonam ‘would never wear cycling shorts though’, she said!)

Karisma Kapoor, the woman who is all about a dark pout, thinks being stylish is being yourself. If you’re a diva in the making, don’t just blindly follow trends, reflect your personal self with your garments. If you’re funky, fun and chirpy, go for bold prints? Get high on accessorising, maybe? Karisma also feels glamour is wearing something you’re comfortable in. When you’re comfortable in whatever you’re wearing, you ooze confidence – that makes you a trendsetter! Bright lip colours are what the actress loves to sport. She raids Kareena Kapoor Khan‘s (SHE IS ICONIC!) wardrobe all the time.

If you’re hounding ways to look effortlessly chic, even in lazy joggers, then Kareena Kapoor is your style guru!

Shilpa Shetty says a little black dress is the backbone of any woman’s wardrobe – an absolute must-have. For Sonakshi Sinha, ‘a good pair of denims’, ‘a pair of really nice stilettos’, and ganjis, all together with a LBD are absolute essentials! Sonakshi also believes in reinventing her fashion sense every day. It wouldn’t be bad to take experimental sartorial risks, we are telling you.

Janhvi Kapoor would like to raid cousin sister, the woman of abundant fashion tricks, Rhea Kapoor’s wardrobe. Stalk Rhea Kapoor’s Instagram handle once and you’ve got avant-garde looks for all the days to come! If you want to know what’s in vogue for Jahnvi, she is currently obsessing over all things shiny.

Is bling the new thing for our Bollywood divas? Find out your personal style aesthetic and dazzle away.


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