7 Summer Shoes That Every Man Must Own

Summer calls for open interpretation of fashion, where less is more. And shoes? They’re championed for relaxed ease allowing your feet to breathe. Light, easy and fresh is all what we are looking for. So, all the men out there, start crafting the perfect warm-weather collection of footwear as we present to you seven stylish summer shoes that every man must own.

1. Sandals

Thanks to normcore, sandals are back in style again. So take your Birkenstocks out of the racks and wear them with ease this summer. However, ensure you get your clothes-sandal pairing right.

2. Espadrilles

Sturdy, easy to slip on and keep your feet cool in the heat, they are the quintessential summer shoes. In case you’re heading to the beach, add a little more panache to your look with espadrilles.

3. Loafers

Get dressy but still relaxed with one of the best staple shoes for any man- the loafer. Go for lighter colours this summer and feel the heightened vibes and greater versatility with other lighter tones that will undoubtedly be worn throughout summer.

4. Boat Shoe

Boat shoes are your summer go-to with shorts. These leather boot-equivalents for summer keep you cool and bring in a classic look that just defines what every guy should wear when it’s hot out.

5. Flip Flops

Though vilified during other seasons, flip flops are the official summer shoes. Comfortable and easy to wear, they actually let your feel the air tickling your feet.

6. Sneakers

Call them what you want, but we’re grateful to the astronomical rise of the athleisure trend; sneakers have successfully made the move from being the gym gear to appropriate all-round footwear, especially in the warmer months.

7. Suede Brogue

If you’ve any event coming up that requires you to dress up a bit, we got you covered. Simple, classic and traditional, suede brogues are great ones to work with for business and formal looks.





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