Take A Cue From Athiya Shetty, This Wedding Season!

The festive season and the wedding season hits all Indian women with the biggest conundrum ever, at least sartorially! What do we wear?! Do we hit it out of the park and go all bling? Do we look at the anti-fit trends and go minimal and organic? Do we wear a sari but try to still look fun but wear a lehenga but not outshine the bride but maybe an anarkali but what about the cool new structured suits?! Oh – and now people even wear caped dupattas. With so many choices and so many functions, but only so little we can tangentially move away from our comfort zone and our signature style, taking inspirations from celebrities is always welcome! And lately Athiya Shetty is all about that mod- cool festive and wedding aesthetic. From over the top reds to art-deco silhouettes, Shetty is breaking out from a fashion mould and we are here for it.

First up, the very simple yet ornate red suit with dangling gold earrings, and a cascading dupatta is perfect for a night of festivities or an engagement:

Then comes the cocktail, sangeet, reception perfect but even if you are going to a schmancy Diwali party where you just sit and drink out of champagne flutes – this minimal off hued colour ensemble is for you:

Of course if you want to really get a breather from the overdose of golds and oranges and reds, the mint ensemble is perfect for anything- right from a mehendi to a day time shaadi!

And, how can we forget about the rebels with their architectural and contemporary silhouettes, mixing and matching patterns and colours and cuts to having all others be left agog!

However, if you want to just leave caution to the wind, throw the gauntlet, yada yada – don the most statement of all statement pieces, a minimal monotone red lehenga!

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