WT EFF IS THAT! Tara Sutaria’s Top Is Today’s Fashion Debate

While the humbly versatile bandeau has had fashion’s stamp of approval for the longest time, this one makes us think a little. Tara Sutaria sashayed to Malaika Arora’s midnight birthday party in an oversized blazer with a rightly paired plaid skirt, but the ill-fitted, tightly tugging on her chest, bandeau top is giving us a spasm.

If we may ask, is that a belt for the b***s, because hey if a girl needs that we would like to be notified! The most unsettling fact remains that Tara’s top is not at all seamlessly contouring her bust, it’s just suffocating it, so it also traverses the twisty path of a fashion faux pas! But kudos to Tara Sutaria partying it up without a doubt!

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