The Simple White Kurta Gets A Glamorous Makeover, Thanks To These Bollywood Actresses

When you think of the humble ‘kurta pyjama’ you’re most likely to link the alluded vibe with words like traditional, plain and definitely not fashion. Our Bollywood ladies think otherwise.

Skipping their designer dresses for refreshing sartorial savagery, we recently spotted Deepika Padukone and Kareena Kapoor in their own renditions of a white kurta pyjama. While Deepika Padukone chose to run work day errands in the outfit, Kareena Kapoor Khan chose to celebrate her birthday in it. Can any other garment match such versatility?

Moreover Kareena Kapoor Khan took it a notch above coordinating with her husband, Saif Ali Khan. Androgynous dressing didn’t know what hit it until we saw the Nawab and Begum of Pataudi ringing in a special occasion dressed in pristine white kurtas. Both looked elegant, both looked comfortable, and both looked simplistically trendy.

The combo remains highly underestimated, it is more than just sad. One can compliment it with a melange of accessories, be it neckpieces, bracelets, bags or shoes. A loud snap in the face of flowy gowns with sultry necklines, we love a kurta pyjama paired with kolhapuris.

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