These Outfits Will Take You Through A Casual Work Day To A Party Night

How many times do you have a party planned post office but you obviously have no time to dress up? Maybe your work wear is too formal for the party, or your party dress is too blingy for your work. Well to fix these Friday night problems for you, we got in touch with Ashish Gurnami and Ashray Thatai from POSTFOLD who have just launched a 9 to 5 collection. A collection that is so versatile it can be worn to work, after work or on a Saturday night! Read on…

How has the industry has evolved to make flexible fashion a style statement and the choice of a modern girl?  

In today’s world, we are all always on-the-go. Whether from home to work or work to a dinner, there’s always somewhere we are headed to. With such a change in lifestyle, the clothes that the women wore a generation back versus what they wear now has also seen a functional change. The clothes now are contemporary, easy to carry, yet make statements about the person wearing them. The industry has adapted to this change by making clothes as versatile & functional as they are pleasing to the eye.

Suggest some cuts and silhouettes that work well as classy formal outfits but can also be transformed into sexy party outfits. 

A dress usually is a very versatile garment for women. While shift dresses are very work-appropriate, sheath or more fitted ones seem like great post-work options. Finding a middle ground like fit and flare styles would do great when it comes to fit. Also, layering changes how one perceives a garment. A smart blazer over a sheath dress would look smart at work, and without the blazer and with the right accessories, you will look ready to party. As for the fit and flare styles, one can simply change the accessories and makeup to completely change the look from a work day to party central.

Decode a 5 step guide that will help transform a girl’s look from AM to PM. 


If you plan to go from AM to PM on any given day, there are a few things you can keep in mind:
-Start early & plan ahead as to what you need to wear occasion-wise from the go.

-Carry a switch of accessories and makeup. You can stick to the same shoes, but a change of jewellery can make a major difference.

-If you are planning to add a layer of clothing like a jacket or blazer, make sure it’s something that won’t get crushed or spoilt by the time you wear it.

-Wear clothes that you can be comfortable all day without them looking shabby by the end.

-Go for basic or classic styles; it’s easier to transform a basic or timeless look from AM to PM. Whereas, if what you wear something that is a statement in itself, it’s difficult to look different once you change for the evening.

Tips and trends that sport sustainable fashion and why every girl must for it.

The most sustainable and easy way to shop is to buy good quality products that will last you longer in natural fabrics like Supima Cotton & linen. At PostFold, we also use a special fabric called Tencel for a few of our styles. It’s a sustainable fabric made from wood shavings. With more and more such options coming into the market, there is now a huge variety of such garments at affordable prices. It’s good for us and the environment if we try to stick to such options when shopping and a little bit of research and consciousness goes a long way in creating a good impact.

5 Fashion essentials for this winter season that every girl must have in their wardrobe and why?

There are a few winter essentials that all women must have. Top five of those would be:

– A go-to sweater for work or casual occasions

– A blazer in any neutral colour

– A pair of comfortable boots

– A tailored pant-suit set

– Scarves/mufflers to add the outfits


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