This Enchanting Sabyasachi Emerald Necklet Is The Only Wedding Accessory A Bride Needs

Breathtakingly beautiful, utterly stunning to behold, gemstones are more than just tasteful. Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but whoever said that hadn’t laid their eyes on this dainty Sabyasachi Mukherjee necklet! 

Isn’t it all about making a powerful impact? As our eyes move beyond the soul-capturing stone, we fall in love a little deeper. While the bride is expected to deck up, drowning, in intricate designs and heavily encrusted jewellery, Sabyasachi’s ‘Heritage Jewellery’ suggests something far more expedient.

“A 366 carat Colombian emerald whimsically strung on a delicate brilliant cut and rose cut diamond chain”, describes the ‘wedding wizard’. Whatever a bride may wish for, Sabya already knows.

They might look fairly ordinary to a few but, gemstones are truly intriguing, we all agree. Gems have long been held as objects of fascination. Rare, valued and durable, gemstones are a natural work of art. With ‘red’ long forgotten as a synonym for bridal wear in India, gemstones offer a beautiful way to add natural tones to your bridal colour palette. Do you think it’s a coincidence they’ve been popular for over a hundred years?

Can one ever imagine to wear their wedding jewellery anywhere else? With gemstones taking the centre-stage, you shall never have to worry about that. You can rock these stones even with your shirt-pants! A truly great investment, aren’t they?

If you refuse to devote yourself to these precious jewels, here are a few other ways you can strike the same fashion thwack… Remember, the whole point is to lose the burden yet ace the bridal ball game!


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