This Karva Chauth We Tell You How To Dress Up For Your Hubby

Love is in the air! Here comes again the special occasion when women fast from dawn to dusk for their perfect-halves with full zest. When one can’t keep calm as the moon chooses the day to play hide and seek. But does one know why we see our husbands through a sieve?  Seriously, why though? While some of you haven’t decided on what to wear for the day as you dread the long fasting ‘coz food is the real bae, we keep your secret and help you with these looks! Scroll, like, wear!

A Red Classic

Let your ethnic soul throw on a ravishing red sari! And with a border like that who has to wear about any jewellery to match?  If you’re willing to experiment, go chameleon and dramatically change your appearance with a haircut.

Or Pink

No harm done, right?

Style Your Usual in an Unusual Way

Here’s the style update: Game-Changing Belts!

A Fancy Suit Saves the Day

How gorgeous do these two look!

Dinner- Date Ready Already

Dress to match the moment you’ve been long waiting for- BREAKING THE FAST FOR A FOODGASM! We make sure you’re ready to leave after the moon-worshipping right away- This the look for you!

A Lounge-y Maxi 

Let’s face it- All the hunger is going to make you *CAUTION* cranky and frustrated and also, craving for things you don’t even know you like! A loose and lounge-y maxi is perfect to survive the Saturday struggle coming your way, Ms. Foodie! And moreover, how sexy is a maxi!



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