The Tie-Dye Accent Is The 2019 Fashion Aesthetic You Need To Get On With

The wintertide is winding down, is your spring wardrobe ready to blossom? While artful creations of flora will continue their reign undefeated, the beloved hippie print – tie and dye will need to be made space for. 

New buds on the fashion scene, we do have runway proof, tie-dyed garments, the colourfully stained garb are making a huge comeback as the biggest trend among the fashion crowd this spring season. The bohemian but tailored, the 2019 tie-dye trend started in September when R13, Prabal Gurung, and Eckhaus Latta showcased the fusion of colour turned into a crisp, edgy print – tie-dye at New York Fashion Week.

R13 Spring 2019
Stella McCartney Spring 2019
Prabal Gurung Spring 2019

When skimming through racks of Spring wear, remember, there’s nothing ‘groundbreaking’ about floral tributes. Save your monochromatic pallets of pretty pastels for a rainy day. It is time for something more palpable. Don’t throw away the multi-colour memo, thanks to the catwalks at New York, London, Paris and Milan Fashion Week. The 2019 take on tie and dye is chicer!

The elfin fashion month of February still has a few days, don’t wait for the summer months to dawn upon you, layer a tie and dye tee with a flannel and promenade in style, ALREADY!






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