6 Kinds Of Wristwatches Everyone Must Invest In

There are only two kinds of people – those who swear by watches and those who don’t. Obviously, the former are cooler. A watch is a simple, functional and trustworthy companion far better than any smartphone or its other juvenile cousins. We list a few watches that every watch lover should have in their wardrobe. 

1. Analog

A simple analog watch is something you should invest in. This one is your dependable everyday wear. Quite often a good purchase is bound to last you for years on end. One in a neutral colour such as black, brown or tan will pair very well with most of your outfits.

2. Dressy

Who said you have to part with your watch when dressing up? Just find the perfect dressy watch that blends well with your ensemble. A muted gold watch or one with a mother of pearl dial never goes out of fashion and oozes elegance.

3. Chronograph

A chronograph watch is just right when you want to be a little extra but not exactly over the top. A metallic silver watch or one with a black leather strap will help you strike just the right balance.

4. Smart Watch

Need a watch to keep pace with your hectic schedule? Get yourself a smart watch. This one is quite a multitasker and stays abreast with your fitness levels, phone updates and what not. Choose from a variety of options including silicone as well as metallic ones.

5. Pop of colour

A watch in a bright or rather unconventional color will help break monotony in your outfit. Don a hot pink watch or an olive green one and watch as everyone takes notice of your choice.

6. Vintage

A vintage watch exudes timelessness. As ironical as that sounds, there is nothing quite like the charm of a watch handed down from decades earlier. Also, there is bound to be an interesting story accompanying it.

This little guide will have your back when it comes to choosing the perfect watch for your outfit whether it is for work, a party or just any other day.

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