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Want To Look Cool And Not Typical During Shaadis? Take Cue From Rhea Kapoor

Are you a lazy-girl-who-is-a-master-of-casual who loves fashion? Are you a girl who loves experimentation? Rhea Kapoor is elevating the fashion scene. You think sister Sonam is Bollywood’s best? Here’s a little secret between you and us, Rhea Kapoor is behind all her looks. Swipe through to steal style cues! Go ahead, it’s time to step up from being a style diva to a fashion icon.

Ah! All girls know our free falling dupatta can sometimes be a lot of trouble. Like, should we concentrate walking straight in those inch heels or have another glass of that oh-so-inviting cocktail at the party? Rhea Kapoor gives us the perfect solution- GET IT OUT OF THE EQUATION. She’s acing the ethnic look without the dupatta and how! Gorgeous!

Who said blazers are only for boys? While all you have been searching for is a new neck style to go on your blouse, Rhea Kapoor has changed the game altogether and made her own rules. Girls, add some cool to your usual and stand out in the crowd just like this fashionista! Oh and don’t forget to staple the look with a pocket-square!

Sneakers not so long ago made an entry to every cool girl’s wardrobe and forever they’ll stay. Let us tell you, sneakers have moved from being trendy to a total must-have, alright? This style diva slays every time she ventures into an unknown territory with her looks. It’s not so bad to keep yourself update with all the trends on the block but it is never a bad idea to be a trendsetter and a trailblazer. Fashion is art, be a pioneer! Never ever shy away from making a daring choice, you might just make a bold statement!

We have finally cracked the secret of comfortable heels… SNEAKERS!

And you THOUGHT graphic tees are the coolest, right?



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