Paint Your Wardrobe Yellow: The Biggest Colour Trend Of 2019!

Like a beaming bolt, yellow in all its tints, tones, and shades has the power to lift the spirit. The runways don’t seem to get enough of cat-walking the hue in all its augustness. The colour is not for a ‘yellow-belly’. Be it Spring 2019 or Fall 2019, the vigour of the colour has filled all the fashion archives. When it comes to regarding the colour as a fashion favourite, everyone seems to be on the same page. Uplifting classic patterns with its cheery self, relaxing on romantic silhouettes even alone, yellow has made it to the fall colour palettes as well. Fraternising with warm undertones, it has found itself a cosy spot.

Chanel Spring 2019
Balenciaga Spring 2019
Valentino Spring 2019

The colour that has always been pervasive is now cheerfully welcome to overstay, for all the seasons to come. Is yellow blazing as the new neutral?


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