Revealed: 5 Secrets From Behind The Scenes During The Making Of The Kingfisher Calendar

The lives of Kingfisher models aren’t regular, don’t believe what you may think otherwise! The glamour is neigh, the nerves high – but in between all of that there is a lot that goes in on behind the scenes. Like, surprise leisure shopping trips, and games, and blind trust on your entourage, and being a workout enthusiast that it doesn’t change, even on location!

So here are five things that went on during the making of the luxurious and oomph-licious Kingfisher Calendar.

1. It’s not all work, but also play in here –  the Kingfisher girls carry cards and other games to keep them busy in between the shoots, aside from all the totally fun camaraderie they share with each other!

2. Fashion photographer Atul Kasbekar is also a good singer & is a big time fitness enthusiast! So much so, that sometimes, he works out in between the photoshoots! Check this out!

3. Shortlisting of the Kingfisher Calendar photos starts right after the wrap of the edition, and we all know how important these photos are because they basically contribute to the most important calendar of all time!

6) In a span of one day, the team aims to shoot with at least 2 models, i.e. 5 shots with a number of variations as the schedule is too cramped up!

7)  There are no mirror on set (we know, right!) sometimes as it’s an outdoor location, the girls have no option but to blindly trust the expert hairstylists and make up artists! And sometimes, they just fix-up it on their own, well, sometimes!


Watch the second episode of Making of the Kingfisher Calendar 2020, here.

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