GT Exclusive: Kriti Sanon Gives Us A Sneak Peek Into Her Fashion World

Kriti Sanon might be a relatively new face to the industry, but she has already redefined fashion in the fraternity. Kriti Sanon is a style icon as much as she is a star, who is already making headlines with her choice of clothing. And amidst making bold, powerful statements with fashion, the actress never, for once, compromises on comfort. For her, fashion is all about “comfort infused with luxury”.

In a recent interview with GoodTimes, the Arjun Patiala actress shed light on all things fashion and also revealed her likes and preferences. When asked about her favourite street style, the actress was just any other girl, like all of us, as she gladly went for “white shirt and jeans” and called it a classic. Well, this comes as no surprise from the girl who said she hates “too much bling” no matter how popular the trend gets.

Just the way Kriti Sanon likes to keep her clothing style smart and minimal, the actress also prefers to make bold fashion statements with her classy yet minimal handbags. At the recent unveiling of Coach’s latest collection, Sanon went all bonkers with so many colourful bags around that she “wanted them all” as for her they were “classic, clean with minimal design”. And last, but not the least, she revealed to wanting to steal Kendall Jenner’s wardrobe, but never at the cost of leaving Mumbai for New York.

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