Kangana Ranaut’s 3 Rules To Wear An All Black Outfit!

It is said that women who wear black actually lead a very colourful life! The colour defines sophistication, drama, mystery and elegance. The more the black you wear the powerful you look. Agree? We do!

And who other than the bold Kangana Ranaut to do justice to the colour? We recently spotted the star at the airport dressed in all black dress paired with the Prada flame sandals and decided to decode her look and what makes it so interesting!

Here are three rules that make Kangana’s look the right fit to travel in vogue!

Rule #1

If your outfit is simple, let the accessories do the talking. Exactly like Ms. Ranaut did with her Gucci Belt Bag & powerful shades!

Style Tip: Bum-bags not only work well with jeans and T-shirts but is also a modish way to add that casual look to your dress.

Rule #2

If you are going for an all black look, experiment with different fabrics & textures other than Cotton.

Rule #3

Add an interesting colour to complete your look- just like Kangana’s Prada flame sandals


Well, you can never get tired of black but next time when you plan to sport all black look remember the above rules.


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