Viktor and Rolf Bring Rebellion To Femininity In Their Haute Couture Collection

We live in a curious world. A world that runs on trends like they were fuels. Not just fashion trends though, no. These are trends that encompass a global spectrum. From trends of social media, to cultural upheavals. And if we are lucky we see a convergence of all of these trends. Just like what happened at the Viktor and Rolf Haute Couture Spring Summer 2019.  The show featured ruffles, pastels, silhouettes that screamed princess – but the details were all a contrast. The details featured nothing short of something so kitsch, rebelling, so avant-garde, and so honest!

Women are the harbingers of fashion, even if they aren’t directly behind the creative design forces. They come ahead as the voices, the catalysts, the movers and shakers of the entire industry. They have to adhere to a level of glamorous often typically sexist and superficial. So when you see women sashaying in feminine silhouettes with an attitude that is bespoke edgy it makes you wonder how fashion also shapes up opinions.

No; Go F*Ck Yourself; No Photos Please; I Am Not Shy I Just Don’t Like You; Weed. These are some of the absolutely hilariously empowering emblems that Viktor and Rolf had splashed across their frothy gowns and this is the fashion we live for. Fashion that challenges the normative, fashion that gives power to be eclectic, and fashion that disrupts age-old paradigms. Fashion that is this, that is today, that is so exciting that it is a meme in itself. It doesn’t take itself seriously, but gives a nod to the Marshall McLuhan’s medium being the message. It provides women to be all about that feminine glory without being submissive. This is fashion of 2019.

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