Beauty Tips

Make-Up Tricks To Keep In Mind This Festive Season

It’s finally the season… whether it is dolling up for a Diwali party or gearing up for the atleast-a-dozen shaadi ceremonies, these make-up hacks will change your life! Read on!  The correct order to apply your base make-up is 1) colour correctors where needed, 2) your

Beauty Tips

5 Must Have Eyebrow Products!

Turn Shapeless brows into arches of Triumph! Eyebrows can make a huge difference to your overall appearance and brow pencils have been game changers in the brow game. So whether you are looking to perfect your arch or fill in

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7 Outfits For A Brunch Date With Your BFF!

Winter is coming- which means its soon going to be the perfect weather to head out with your BFF’s for brunching in the sun! Before the weather gets too chilly and you have to pull out your overcoats to cover

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