Want To Do A Fashion Internship This Summer? Remember All This Before You Apply For One

Fashion is a lure for most of us, a language that transcends all bounds, a wordless means of communication. Be it poky to just owning the hottest garb of the season and styling it in the most zany manner or dreaming of designing clothes that fit no conventions, unique to your own self. Fashion is a world we want to be a part of. 

If you feel like a misfit searching for a place to call home in the fashion space, we shall tell you what to do. If you ask anyone who has interned in fashion, they will narrate how competitive the industry is. Remember, fashion is a state of mind. All you need to make a mark is confidence. Your lone, idiosyncratic expression of self will take you places. Internships, however, are far less glamorous.

Here’s a checklist you should go through before signing up for one,

  1. Know that fashion houses often hire interns to help with day to day operations, you can’t be disappointed with that.
  2. You might just be getting coffee for your seniors as they glam up the world, assisting on photo-shoots or just be answering messages.
  3. You’re there to make your senior’s life easier, you might be spending hours locating garments, managing the company wardrobe – making sure everything is easy to find.
  4. You will be running a thousand errands doing jobs that you never thought of. Remember, interns are way beneath in the fashion hierarchy. You have a lot of ladders to climb and the ground work is not anything that should be beneath you.

If you agree to doing these things, congratulations! You should go ahead.

Start by getting your hands on the right resources 

Subscribe to the most influential fashion magazines and forums to learn what’s the rage. Take a whirl around the internet, gulp down everything that’s trending. You need to have your fashion facts right, from kinds of cuts and silhouettes to who’s who of the industry.

Take a few month’s time

Because the fashion world is extremely competitive, you have to question yourself ‘What do I have that they don’t?’ – a cliche whose answer will guarantee your entry. Before you apply for an internship, freelance as a writer here and there. Your voice should be out before it’s heard. Start your own blog, critique designs or boast your love, have something to show your worth before you apply. Put yourself out there.

Write a bomb resume

Whoever is looking to hire will meet your resume before they ever even see you. In the world of fashion, first impressions can do a lot more than you imagine. It’s always great to have something unique about yourself written in those pages, show your killer personality.

Keep trying

Don’t lose heart. It’s always great to have back up options, one should always apply at multiple openings. The definition of success sure does have the words persistence and patience. It’s also okay to have more than one job offers, it’s okay to take a day or two to think them over. The world of fashion belongs only to those who’re innately creative and absolutely dedicated.

Studying fashion will help you 

While you must eat, breathe and live fashion to find success in this industry, pursuing a degree in the same might assist you well. Talent is a mould that can be shaped, you need to have that too. Your passion for fashion is not enough. There’s a lot of hard work that goes before the red carpet unfolds. Don’t let the bright lights of the runway blind you. If you’re more about the art of applying design, studying fashion will work wonders for you. After all, who doesn’t need some intensive studio practice!

Keep your nose on the grindstone but don’t be bamboozled in the business

People might walk all over you, while it’s necessary to build contacts along the way as you complete favors after favors, it’s an even possibility that they still might not recognize you after years of hard work. Work smarter! Your willingness to crawl up the pole will not go unnoticed.


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