10 Things You Have To Carry On Your Upcoming Beach Vacay

How else does one enjoy the hot summer months? A trip to the beach is just what you ordered, pack right with our list!

Stock up on some sun block and sun tan oil with SPF 50!

Pick up your favourite sunglasses and a few others for different outfits!

Bikinis are great if you have the confidence to carry it off!

A pair of flip flops to flock around in!

A huge tote bag to fit all that you need and more!

Carry a short chiffon dress!

And carry a hat to match everything!

Wear your swimsuit as a body suit and slip into your favourite shorts!

You have to get your hair braided on the beach!

Carry an animal print sarong to make a statement or ‘DIY’ with a white sari!

Get junk silver or white metal jewellery, layer it up and feel like a hippie-queen!

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