12 Fashion Essentials Ambika Anand Is Investing In This Year

One of the toughest calls a woman has to make, what is worth the purchase? Find out what I am investing in this year… 

1) A Long Cashmere Coat

I love a long cashmere coat that’s well cut and slightly over sized! It’s a winter essential-especially if you live in North India and have late night or early morning flights to take-it keeps you warm and makes you scream – BRING ON THE COLD!

2) A Pair of Balenciaga Pantyhose 

A useful item in your wardrobe, the attached spandex skinny pants promise to keep you warm.

3) A Wig 

So that you don’t have to blow dry your hair and just with a clip you can look like Kylie Jenner.

4) A Pair of Limited Edition Sneakers

5) Flared Bottom Jeans or a pair of bell bottoms

6) Get a gym membership

Because hey whatever size you may be –its about looking toned!

7) A visit to dermatologist

because while genes and your health determine your skin and hair quality-you can try to make it look its best version by getting a dermatologist on board

8) An anti aging cream

9) The right crew, the right wardrobe designed by Manish Arora for a trip to Burning Man – a temporary city and a global cultural movement based on some principals! 

10) A collection of lehengas 


So I recently attended a few weddings where apart from the bride and her BFF’s all the women in their 40s & 50’s & 60’s were also wearing lehengas. So it is clear that the new wedding wardrobe for a guest is a lehenga!

11) Some amazing luggage that follows you. Yes, I am talking about the Travelmate – A self moving suitcase and robot companion!

12) A replica of Beyonce’s performance wardrobe

Made to measure to me… All her looks. Where will I wear them? Well, we need another list for that.

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