Cala Luna To Phi, 5 Beaches In Sardinia With The Most Phenomenal View

The shoot of the Kingfisher Calendar gave us the opportunity of discovering the hidden bits and treasures of Sardinia. The journey made us explore the most unusual and breathtaking views that the place has to offer! Read below as I reveal the 5 best beaches in Sardinia that were a highlight of our trip and that must be on your bucket list too.

1. Cala Luna Beach

This beach offers vistas of the ocean, various shades of the sun light and the stunning limestone cliffs! With so many natural elements to experiment with, this location was used as the ideal spot for shooting the Kingfisher Calendar this year and the results were mind blowing as we got some really stunning pictures! Interestingly, this place was also used as the setting for the remake of a movie called ‘Swept Away’.

2. Porto Cervo Harbour:

This picturesque, Italian seaside harbour was created by Price Aga Khan. In this area a Hotel Luci Di La Muntagna provided the perfect background to capture the leggy Kingfisher models.

3. Tuerredda Beach

With the crystal clear sea and the white sand here, this local beach turned out to be a great location for shoots. Photographer Atul Kasbekar took advantage of the renowned surfing friendly conditions of this place and made the models strike a pose for some cool swimsuit shots. This also turned out to be our favourite spot where we hung out and had our meals at a quiet restaurant.

4. Phi Beach

This place will be the highlight of your vacation and it definitely was mine! This has one of my favourite bars and beach clubs, just the kind of place where one can spend hours and enjoy the well curated music!

5. Lighthouse of Il Faro Capo Spartivento

Stay in a working lighthouse, take a dip in the outdoor pool and enjoy the breath taking beauty of this place. The Lighthouse of Il Faro Capo Spartivento is located 9 kilometers from Domus de Maria, and at a very short distance are two beautiful beaches that you can visit: Cala Cipolla which is located 600 meters and Su Giudeu beach that is just a km away from the property.

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