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6 Celebrity-Inspired Wedding Trends That’ll Make Your Guests Go “Whoaaa!”

Weddings are precious. Well, at least to those who host them. A lot of planning and hard-work goes into every element one admires at the various functions. In order to make things simpler for the couples of 2018, I’ve come up with a trend guide that’ll give you the lowdown on the most interesting ways to make your wedding the talk of the town, from decor to giveaways!

1. Surprise Wedding Location

Imagine being invited to a wedding, and not knowing where it’s actually happening! So, once the guests reach a given location, they’re flown/taken to an undisclosed location, where the main ceremony will take place. This can be followed by a fabulous music performance!

 2. Pick Your Own Giveaway!

Post the mehendi festivities, the guests would get return presents from a gift shop like set-up, where they walk in and pick what they like. So, for the wedding, you can get brands to set up a store, like a couture salon, that dresses up the guests for the wedding in limited edition clothing! The outfits will be received by the guests on the morning of the wedding. If that’s too extravagant, then just a small jutti store, maybe, where women can kick off their heels and wear something comfy.

3. The No-Hangover Cocktail

This trend is something from the future – something I think, would be a huge commercial success. The alcohol served on the cocktail function could be specially distilled for the festivities. Infused with anti-oxidants and vitamins, assuring no hangover on the next day. I think an island bar also adds romance to the decor!

4. A Decor Closer To Our Roots

The wedding can be an intimate affair – traditional and beautiful. The décor could use a lot of the dying Indian traditional arts and fabrics. For instance, Rogan Painting from Kutch, String Puppetry from Kendrapara, Manjusha and Mithila Paintings from Bihar, Parsi and Toda embroidery, Naga handicrafts and Patola from Gujarat. These are all dying arts, and patronage from the wedding crew would be a real boost, and ensure their longevity.

5. Registry Over Randomness!

Wedding registry is something which is gaining popularity. Young and practical millennials don’t like collecting junk!

 6. Priest, Who?

Couples say ‘bye, bye!’ to the pandit and write their own vows. They exchange them in front of their guests and then register their marriage! Sweet and convenient.

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