7 Hidden Secrets That Make Sardinia The Hottest Getaway For 2019!

If there is one destination that needs to be on your bucket list this summer, it’s Sardinia! And I say this out of experience. My visit to Sardinia for shooting the making of the Kingfisher Calendar 2019 made me discover a lot more about Sardina, beyond the sandy beaches, clear skies and the surreal turquoise seas. So here’s everything that makes Sardinia truly special!

1. Sardinia is one of the 5 areas in the world that are a part of the blue zone, which means the highest number of people here have a life span of over 100 years. The reason behind this? Their way of life and a healthy diet!

2. During peak season in Costa Smeralda, the Porto Cervo marina gets converted into an open air Harrods Porto Cervo. The philosophy is simple, the yachts dock, people get off and jump right into the playground of the Rich and the famous with the latest fur, watches, gym technology and cars on offer! The action begins at 7 PM and the stores here and around the area remain open till mid night.

3. If you’re a fan of actor Roger Moore, you got to be here! The Pevero Golf Club, an 18 hole par 72 course, is where the Bond film, ‘The Spy Who Loved Me’ was shot, back in the 70’s, on the 16th hole. Can you imagine being at the same spot as James Bond himself!

4. The Nuraghe sites in Sardinia were inhabited over 13000 years ago by people who believed in life after death.

5. In Sardinia apart from the consumption of fresh food and a healthy lifestyle, locals give a lot of credit to the Cannonau Grape for the ever lasting youthful energy in the people! This grape can be found in red wines as well as in anti-ageing masks. Yes, to treasure the trip I picked up a bottle of wine and I think its time to open it!


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