7 Things You Didn’t Know Happened On The Making Of The Kingfisher Calendar 2019

My visit to Sardinia was the highlight of 2018, where we were to shoot the making of the Kingfisher Calendar 2019. Being surrounded in a fashionable country like Italy, with models who are influencers and potential actors and TV hosts is definitely a heady experience. The day here would begin with a fun-filled, early morning breakfast on a table with these divas and would end with an inspiring dinner with them! Yes, work-wise I am surely blessed, but apart from all we did, the enthusiastic people I met and the memories we gathered, I took back some moments that will always remind me of the 12 days I spent here. These moments that are often hidden behind all the glitz and glamour of the calendar pictures are finally revealed and here are 7 things that happened in Sardinia, no one will ever talk about!

1. Turns out Sardinia in summer is very different from Sardinia in winter. The camera crew visited Sardinia for a recce in the summer, when the flowers were in full bloom and the tourists made Sardinia come alive. But, the same location looked absolutely different when the shoot took place in October. This forced the team to get more creative in putting together the 12 perfect shots for the Kingfisher Calendar!

2. We were shooting the Kingfisher Calendar models in bikinis, in October where sometimes the water and the air was really cold, like borderline freezing. You can only imagine how difficult it was for the models to smile through it all, but well, as professional as they were, they made the task look effortless!

3. Everyone on the shoot was a fitness freak and from the models to the photographer, everyone said no to sugar. But since we were in Sardinia, nobody could say no to a Sardinian fish, now could they?

4. To stay active and in shape, the models had a tailor-made workout regimen that they could do in their rooms and balconies, with their body weight and sometimes by lifting their suitcases!

5. If you see them, you wouldn’t believe that even these perfect beauties had their moments of insecurities. They were hesitant to face the camera until their hair and makeup was all on point!

6. One of the Kingfisher Calendar girls was a psychology student and one thing we learnt from her was to be focused and organised, at all times!

7. The real task begins when the shoot wraps up. Out of the 40 images shot, the team had to pick 12 images for the calendar and of all the mesmerising clicks, picking 12 was not an easy task at all!

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