A First Timer’s Guide To Sardinia- What To Eat, Where To Shop & Where To Sunbathe?

I spent 8 days in Costa Smeralda and other exciting parts of Sardinia shooting the sizzling Making of The Kingfisher Calendar 2019. In between taking a dip in the clear turquoise water, walking the fine sand beaches, shopping and more…. the place took my heart away. I realised what a mesmerising mix this place had to offer and why Sardinia must be on your bucket list. Read on to find out what this place has in store for you!

The Glamorous Costa Smeralda:

The most glamorous stretch of Sardinia, spreading over 20-30 kilometres is Costa Smeralda, the home to everything luxurious! Some 60 years ago, this place was discovered by Prince Karim Aga Khan. Smitten by its natural beauty, he bought large land banks and initiated development here. Today, Costa Smeralda offers one of the most exciting clubs and nightlife that is a must experience for everyone visiting Sardinia.

The Best Time To Visit Sardinia:

The best of Sardinia comes out in the summer, between the months of May and September when the sun is shining, the water is sparkling and the place is filled with energy and vibrancy! The action in Sardinia starts winding down by the end of September-beginning October.

Where To Shop?

The most famous shopping destination in Sardinia is the Porto Cervo, and it offers top luxury brands and boutiques. If you’re visiting in the summers, you will be able to catch some of the most popular local pop up stores. If you do, here’s a tip- it’s always great to take home their limited edition stuff available at these pop up stores as mementos, if the chances of you ever returning to such exotic locales are rare.

What To Eat?

The restaurants at The Porto Cervo Hotel and Hotel Cala Di Volpe are amazing! Not sure what to order because, well everything is amazing! I love the fresh berries cocktails.

What To Do?

The best way to experience the magical sun of Sardinia is to hire a boat and spend the day soaking in the sun and snorkeling in the pristine waters!


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