Ambika Approved Make-Up Trends You Need To Get On With This Year

Trends may come and trends may go but some stay on forever. Here are the top make-up trends you need to imbibe this year!

Party Eyes 

Sequence infused eyebrows, under eye, eyeliner and a dash on the edges! For more inspiration and much experimentation see Kaia Gerber’s look at Valentino’s spring summer show 2019.

Bushy Brows

Fill up your eyebrows and make them thick!

False Lashes

Up the ‘eye game’ with false lashes and smoke them up with a chubby shadow pencil to look flawless!

Get On With The Tan Trend

As you embrace a shorter length be it skirts or dresses or if you’re heading out on a beach vacay – even out the colour of your legs- use two coats of tanning oil or cream!

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