Ambika Approved Trends From Fashion Campaigns For Spring Summer 2019

Here, 5 trends you need to take away to spend the seasons in style. Read through!

1. Balenciaga’s campaign directs us towards heart shaped earrings. Feminine and fun- ‘the shape of love’ never goes out of style. If you are only into precious or semi precious stones then the good news is that you could get them in a heart shape too!

2. Alberta Ferretti’s campaign beckons us to invest in some lace, pastels and roman gladiator inspired sandals. Lace always looks feminine and fresh. Gladiator sandals help add a boho chic look to your appearance instantly.

3. Take cue from the Longchamp campaign and realise it’s a fashionable legitimate move to shop for some tassel clothes and accessories especially the knee high gladiators- yes we did mention that gladiators are back with a bang.

4.  Paper bag waist pants spell ‘ Must buy’ as can be seen in this campaign- style with jackets or T shirts they will comfortably take you from day to night. We love the formal look of these trousers and the paper bag waist ensures Clothes are helping you breathe easily as you hang in the hot summer sun.

5. Winged out coloured eyeliner is definitely a fashion direction that’s timeless. Here is a trick of how to ace the winged eyeliner- take a credit card and put it at an angle at the edge of your eye and then just extend the eyeliner out! also …Asymmetrical earrings are another takeaway from The Versace campaign- this is trend I love as you can wear two different earrings together. Ear cuffs are one of my favourite accessories that give you an edgy appearance instantly.

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