Ambika Salutes The Women Trailblazers In Indian Lifestyle & Fashion

This year, my girlfriend at 38 and her husband became partners at Goldman Sachs. All her besties are equally successful – one at the World Bank and the other at her business.

Years ago, I asked her, how she and her girlfriends had such flourishing careers – she said,’My friends and I know where we want to go and how we are going to get there.’

In Feburary 2019 the same friend sent me a tweet by Anand Mahindra. It said, ‘I’ve been helping to baby-sit my year old grandson this past week & it’s brought home to me the stark reality of this image. I salute every working woman & acknowledge that their successes have required a much greater amount of effort than their male counterparts.’

This thought process by a Billionaire Male Business Leader must show the way to other male leaders.

With India poised to become a $10 trillion economy by 2030, it cannot afford to leave half of its workforce behind. More women work in India than in Pakistan 27% versus 25% but Pakistan’s female labour force participation is on the rise and in India, its detriorating. The proportion of women working is three times higher in Bangaladesh than in India.

The government needs to provide incentives to women to work. It’s a known fact that women are underpaid compared to men and don’t have the same oppurtunities, then why should they pay the same taxes? Taxes should be reduced or removed for women.

NO EQUAL PAY & OPPURTUNITIES = NO EQUAL TAXES. I am not alone on this thought- the same idea was suggested by Economist Ajit Ranade in the Mint last year!

Well, till that happens here is my list of women who are Game Changers in the world of Indian fashion and lifestyle,


The former investment banker founded NYKAA.COM. You know a brand is successful when your 20 year old producers are receiving a package from the portal with their shopped goodies every other day!


Helming brands like Good Earth- a brand that celebrates tradition, Nicobar and Paro (It focuses on Indian spirituality and phislosophy), Simran is cool, understated and wise. I once heard her say,’if you water a plant 100 times a day, it won’t grow faster, everything has a pace and speed to grow organically.’


Mira successfully married old age Ayurvedic wisdom to commerce and luxury-a winning combination!


Sisters Kaabia and Sasha Grewal make costumejewllery that is beautifully finished and gets you party ready instantly. They combine their travels with shoots of their jewellery and friends that help up their game on Social Media


Founded by Richa Kar with her savings of Rs 30 lakhs in 2011, the online lingerie start up has a current networth of Rs 100 crores!

Richa Kar gives us goals to take out our savings from the fixed deposits and launch our very own start up!

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