Getting Married? This Is Why You Need A Designer Wedding

It is not wrong to say that people are obsessed with designer tags… on clothes and decor! Designers exude just positive energy and have fabulous wit, wisdom and humour. They are the best people to be around – wedding or not! They bring with themselves a charm of added glamour. 

Having a designer to do your wedding adds to the wedding conversation- ‘Decor kisne kiya?’ ,’Hmm, these flowers look exotic?’,’they were flown in from Zanzibar!!’, ‘we love the Marquee’, to which people lovingly respond, ‘well, it was handwoven by the Rabari Tribe of Kutch!’. 

The designers have the wisdom and thorough knowledge about how to combine the local crafts and traditions of the wedding venue in the most tasteful way possible. For instance, if the wedding is in Jaipur, the designer would have the vision of how to integrate the local blue pottery, lac work, miniature paintings, installations made of well cut semi precious stones –to the décor in the best possible manner! 

 Using a designer for your wedding decor and cuisine selection is not always an over-extravagant idea- instead, it helps you stay on budget. For instance, consult the designer and draw up a menu of 5 starters, 5 main course dishes and 2 deserts… keep it simple and for those who complain, the answer is -‘well our designer consultant thought that weddings are so excessive and confusing. Its nice to keep things especially the menu–SIMPLE. What a great idea!’- IT’S THE BEST POSSIBLE WAY TO SILENCE DETRACTORS.

They say God lies in detail and when you have the best in the business to handle some of the most important celebrations in your life then all you need to do is enjoy the revelry!

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