A Fashionista’s Diary: 5 Bags Every Girl Must Own

It’s not wrong to say that women would feel naked without their handbags! We love them so much, we are never stopping the buying! A woman can never have enough bags. Period.

Bum Bags aka belt bags!

A belt bag is cool and convenient, it keeps you hands free. The best thing about those? Belt bags work as a belt and cinch your baggy t-shirt, your loungey summer dress and can even be worn as a cross-body bag!

A roomy bucket bag! 

A bucket bag in colours of the desert is in- if you find one with studs you can carry it to a party and if you find one with jute you can carry it to your beach holiday

A giant leather tote!

There is something old world and glamorous about a red or bright leather tote with gold details

The ‘side pack’

This ‘side pack’ by Chanel comes in twos and is all you need to update your look! How great it is to make a striking statement all while having extra room for all your girly stuff!

A big pouch bag! 

Whether it’s a meeting on a brunch or bar hopping with your girls, this bag will take you from day to night!

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