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Skin, Hair & More: 7 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Beach Vacay!

It’s the universal truth. A beach body is something people work on, all year round, with the help of the right food and the right workout. This article, however, is not about how to get the perfect abs, but about how to make the most of your beach experience.

1. Get An Even Skin Colour

If you have an unequal tan or have skin that is not evenly coloured, then take body tanning lotion and add some baby oil, as well as some bronzer, to achieve an even tone on the body.

2. Say Bye Bye To Stretch Marks

If you want to reduce the visibility of the stretch marks – then use a concealer that is darker than your skin tone.

3. Post Sun Hair Ritual

Use a heavier conditioner or a leave-in conditioner. Many brands offer these. Go for an oil massage – because there’s nothing better than a massage that will increase blood circulation and also moisturize the hair.

4. Post Sun Skin Ritual

Make sure your beach bag has a Shea body butter – to enhance your tan.

5. Perfect the Tan

If you want the ideal orange tan – then you need to eat right. Make sure you eat more beta carotene and B-complex. Consume a lot of yellow/orange fruits and vegetables, as well as dark green leafy vegetables. As you hang by the beach, indulge in pumpkin, sweet potatoes, spinach, broccoli and apricots! Some sun block brands have carrot oil-that would help too.

6. No Deos, Please!

Don’t use deodorants or perfume as they interfere with function of the sunblock.

7. Get A Natural Pedicure

Lastly, walk on the beach and get a natural pedicure. The sand and salty beach water helps exfoliate your skin; and who does not love feet hygiene?!

Happy Holidays!

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