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Bridal Checklist: 6 Important Things You Need To Shop For Before Starting A New Life

Getting married is very exciting, but it also involves preparing for a lot of changes. Here are 10 necessary additions you need to make to your shopping list to make sure your ‘happily ever after’ lasts!

1. ‘The Well-Embellished Clothes’

Yes, now is the time your friends and family would open up their purse strings and break the fixed deposits to make sure you are happy. We say buy a few lehengas, so you can wear them for festivities through the year and for the rest of your life! Speaking of specifics, do buy a long coat. This could be in PVC or a slightly embellished would work well, too, as outerwear with Indian or western clothes. Even in a professional environment, actually.

2. Accessories With Repeat Value

Buy some trinkets that are not too elaborate and have high repeat value. Get something bespoke made – because now is time to get a spider in gold or a tiger claw pendant; or a watch with your favorite quote inscribed at the back. Or even a Cartier Love band or the Bulgari B.Zero 1 ring, or just any cocktail ring! If you are buying Polki, make sure it’s not wider than an inch – so that you can wear it with both Indian and western clothes in the future.

If you are not into jewelry or clothes, don’t buy for the sake of buying. You can always put the money in a Fixed Deposit or buy an apartment, and continue shopping with the interest or the rental you receive.

3. Don’t Forget The Shoes!

Go for the Valentino studded flats, YSL gold tributes or a pair of gold Dune wedges. A gold or silver clutch is also a wise investment, as is a large tote that can carry your entire life. Also, invest in a great pair of running shows, in case you want to be a runaway bride!

4. Travel, First!

Buy your self an entire range of suitcases and travel bags, and travel in style!

5. A Gym Membership

Get membership at your favourite gym, as during the first year of marriage, couples tend to over eat and lose all semblance of self. This is not true for everyone – especially for the likes of Deepika and Ranveer, who might have a nutritionist at their wedding making sure they don’t put on an extra 100 grams. Just get that membership, already!

6. Invest In A Therapist

Or ask your bestie to gift you some appointments with a shrink or a marriage therapist – because marriage, as an institution, might seem archaic for some millennials; and a professional relationship adviser could iron out certain commitment issues. You would agree that you need a marriage intact and in place to make sure you can enjoy your trousseau. Just saying.

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