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BFF Getting Married? 9 Pro Tips To Make Sure You’re The Best Bridesmaid Ever!

If your bestie is tying the knot, you’ve gotta have her back! Here are 9 points you could keep in mind to make sure you totally prepared for your best friend’s wedding!

1. Be emotionally prepared to handle your bestie, as when she has a bridezilla moment – she will turn to you. Please don’t be needy for the bride’s attention as she will have lots to do, instead just be there for her.

2. As the bride gets busy dieting and working out to look her very best on her wedding journey, de-stress her by joining in. Nothing like your bestie sweating it out with you and then chugging a protein shake or a wheatgrass and spirulina shot!

3. Learn how to drive or keep a taxi for the wedding day – in case of a missing wedding essential or if she simply wants to be a runaway bride! Kidding. Maybe not. Maybe yass!

4. Invest in a hip flask to keep yourself and your gang spirited at most times. Most I said, not all!

5. Carry a wardrobe change that is light and easy to dance in, because after a while, you will be done wearing the sari/sharara/garara/anarkali/dhoti sari, trust me!

6. For styling, borrow your family jewellery – like a mang tikka, a matha patti, or a jeweled piece to cover your braid. You could ‘borrow’ your dad’s bandgala, get it fitted to your size and wear it with a pair of brocade churidar.

7. If you are wanting to spend on your wardrobe – ask the bride what she is wearing and wear a similar colour – less embellished, of course – it would make for great pictures!

8. At 3 am, when everyone’s feet are aching with the heels – be the prepared angel, and rescue the guests by distributing flip flops or kolhapuri chappals. 

9. Lastly, take a date along to dance the nite away. As George Downes said in the movie My Best Friend’s Wedding, ‘Maybe there won’t be marriage, maybe there won’t be sex, but by God, there will be dancing!’

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