10 Celebrities You Need To Follow For Every Day Style Inspiration

Their fashion game is #goals! Their fashion sense is the inspiration you need – Here, a few celebrities you need to follow! 

Katrina Kaif

Without an iota of excess on her anatomy-she dresses up like the girl next door.

Anushka Sharma

With love for sporty chic she gives us fashion goals on a daily basis.

Ranveer Singh

However off beat or explosive –his personality trumps his clothes.

Sara Ali Khan

She is young and keeps her look really uncomplicated and real.


Repetition gives you a strong fashion identity and who better to learn that from than Rekha and her Kanjeevaram sarees?

Santoshi Shetty

A blogger in her 20’s sets fashion goals for an entire generation.

Sabyasachi Mukerjee

Like it or not but he has created a fashion guide with his well curated Instagram account.

Anamika Khanna

Keeping us creatively content with her avaunt grade clothes is Anamika Khanna.

Amitabh Bachachan

Gives all men goals with his dapper dressing from Bandis to Bandgalas to his Jamawar Shawl.

Narendra Modi

Love or hate his politics, you have to admit he is scrores, fashion wise! His persona is reflected by his dressing, that is the charm.

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