From Being Just A ‘Fanny Pack’ To A ‘Fashion Favourite’, Waist Bags Are Back!

The aim of ‘International Fanny Pack Day’ is to spread the word of feeding the hungry with the help of this popular fashion trend! Listen up!

The Fanny Pack, now popularly known as the belt bag, has been worn by many like me to add definition to their clothes, be it a sari or a jumpsuit!

The belt bag became the ‘it bag’ in 2017 and gained momentum as a fad in 2018. This spring summer all brands have an updated version of the fanny! From Gucci to Chloe to Fendi to our very own Puducherry based Hidesign. Fendi and Gucci offer Army inspired options – with three bags on a belt – an extremely sustainable accessory. You can put all together or just one at a time!

As an avid used of this bag- I have to admit it has many benefits. Let me share them all, here you go –

1. It keeps you hands free as you hold your drink at a party or your baby for a walk or as you hoard groceries at a mall.

2. In addition it’s elegant and gives another dimension to your oversized clothes.

3. All the boyfriend shirts get a new lease of life.

4. You can carry snacks, passport and your phone and travel with ease!

5. Carry some food for hungry and do some karma as you celebrate the International Fanny Day and feed the downtrodden.

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