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Super Easy DIYs: 9 Skin Care Tips To Keep You Glowing This Wedding Season

Why spend on salon packages, when you can follow a basic skin care routine at home, and glow during the shaadi season, and just generally all the time! Here are 9 tried and tested hacks for amazing skin!

1. The Homemade Pack
A mix of besan and a pinch of turmeric softens your skin and also subsides acne and breakout.
2. Bleach The Joints
Lemon works wonders for darkened elbows and knees. Just rub some on the darkened areas and leave for 10-15 minutes; rinse and repeat for one week.
3. Get That Glow
Papaya works well to brighten dull skin. Eat it, apply it, or rub the peel on your skin after eating the fruit – you will see instant results. Papaya is great for your skin and your tummy.
4. Cleanse With Tomato
Yes, tomatoes help clean your skin, they also help bleach them. Just rub some tomato pulp on your face and let it dry. Wash it off, and voila!
5. Make Your Own Body Moisturizer
Apply a mix of milk and honey to soften and hydrate the skin of your body. This is an age-old nuskha for healthy skin.
6. Detox!
Make yourself a comforting drink with ginger, lime and jaggery and sip away!
7. Scrub Away
Make a body scrub with sugar, dried orange peel, dried mint leaves and some lemon juice; and scrub, scrub, scrub!
8. For Those Who Love Fancy
Himalayan crystal salt helps rejuvenate the skin – and a scrub made of it will improve the texture of dry to normal skin.
9. For Your Scalp
If you detest masks – here is a yummy option. Take eggs, cacao, coffee and yogurt, and apply it on your hair! If it’s good enough to bake, it’s good for the hair!

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