Calorie-Cutting No More: Intermittent Fasting Is The Way Through 2019

There is evidence that  almost every religion in the world has some fasting in their protocol, and that’s because it has helped us focus. There are numerous studies that show the benefits of intermittent fasting (time-restricted feeding), be it weight loss, health benefits or increasing longevity of one’s life. Intermittent fasting helps. Here’s all that it does! 

1) It reduces cancer. In human studies it reduces breast cancer by 32% with just a 13 hour fast/gap between meals.

2) It can lower your insulin level, which is the reason you get diabetes, inflammation, weight gain around the stomach. Start with short fasts and get the guidance of a doctor. One can begin with a 12 hour fast – Eat by 7 pm and have your next meal by 7 am but do consult a doctor if you have Diabetes.

3) It is easy, you don’t need to count your calories. According to Dr Amy Shah, they did animal studies where two animals were given equal amount of food, one could eat all day long and all night long, whenever they want and the other had give a gap of 12/14/16 hours. Same amount of food had been consumed by both but the rat who had done IF had lower levels of inflammation, they had better insulin control, better heart markers and they lost weight.

4) Calories in and calories out does not work. Our body is not a machine. So if you are looking for a diet plan that is healthy and will not give you the weight right back, you have to think of intermittent fasting.

5) Dr Amy Shah also says intermittent fasting helps calm our brain cells – more energy, a clearer mind.

6) It cleans out every cell in the body. After 16 hours of fasting our body goes into deep cleaning mode-making the cells younger and work better – regulate aging and prepare yourself for a youthful, glowing skin!

7) Resting the gut is the best way to heal our body. When an animal is sick, it does not eat. In a hospital too, when you are admitted, you are taken off some food. Your body needs to NOT be digesting if it has to heal.  Eating 24 hours is not good for you.

8) We all have a circadian timer/clock that is synchronized with the solar system. So there is an optimal time to eat and an optimal time to sleep. So sleep between 9-11 PM and waking up 6-7 AM and eating your biggest meal at midday would be the right thing to do.

9) Its not a diet but a lifestyle. A 16 hour fast or gap is recommended 2-3 times a week and if you are doing it for health benefits then fast for 12-13 hours. But if you are looking for huge weight loss, you throw in modified 24 hour fast, where you can have chai/black coffee/almonds… so 8 pm you finish dinner and then have 200 calories through the day and then have dinner the next day at 8 PM.



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